This small humid subtropical island is located just to the east of the state Georgia located in the USA. It's absolute location is at 30 N and 60 W.


Giving people many rights to insure the success of Igual, we have installed a federal, presidential democracy. People have many rights as shown in the constitution. You can compare people's rights to the Bill Of Rights in the USA.r
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Our mixed economy is a mix of market and traditional, many of our people trade in the local villages but have trade with other countries based on supply and demand. Much of Iguals success comes from their rich farm land. The whole economy revolves around our seasonal agriculture. To help trade we have a currency system. Coins are used for $.50 and $1.00 and cash is used for $10, $20, $50, and $100. Our citizens have free trade with all countries all though trade is encouraged with Japan, France, USA, and Africa.
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In Igual there is no religion! All people are welcome and supported. Although English is our nation launguage this is required so that our people can speak to others. If you come not knowing English free school is provided! In Igual education is important. 15 years of school is required starting at age 5 and all is free. You can pay for a extra 5 years of school if wanted.
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