How does accurate weather information help a community?

What kinds of weather have you experienced in the mountains?

Make a circle map in your NF notebook about Weather in the Mountains. Brainstorm the different kinds of weather you have experienced here.

Let's learn about the weather!

Learn about weather words that meteorolists use with Mrs. Tolleson

Read about weather and record your questions.

Make a T-chart in your NF notebook with the headings "Questions" and "New Learning."
Read books about weather and record your questions.

Explore websites for information about weather.

Go to WeatherBug and enter zip code 28724. Read about weather conditions at Dana.
Go to Weather Whiz Kids to find information about all kinds of weather conditions.

What kinds of data do meteorologists collect to predict the weather?

Let's Collect Weather Data

Team Task

Use a thermometer to measure air temperature.
Use wind detector and compass to determine direction of the wind.
Use Beaufort scale to estimate wind speed.
Observe the sky cover and record as clear, partly cloudy or mostly cloudy.
Record all weather data on daily chart.

What causes wind? How is it measured? How does wind help us predict weather conditions that are coming?