Hair Masking- A Beginner’s Tutorial

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Hair Masking- A Beginner’s Tutorial

So basically hair masking is one of the many supposedly ‘expert’ tips that you don’t get to learn in your PhotoShop lessons well after you have completed several projects of clipping path, background remove and light modifications.

But here in this post we have put together a step by step tutorial for the PhotoShop beginners to practice basic hair masking services. Follow the steps:

Step 1- Open an image (File à Open) that contains something hairy, fuzzy or furry. Choose something with clean, uncluttered background for better results.

Step 2- Using the ‘Quick Selection Tool’ to make the basic outline of the object you want to cut out from the image. Simply activate the ‘Add to Selection’ icon from the top submenu and click and drag over the areas you wish to select. If by chance you make any mistake, drag over that area while holding down the ‘Alt’ key which temporarily changes the tool to ‘Subtraction Mode’.

Step 3- After selecting the rough outlay, click on ‘Refine Edge’ in the Quick Selection Tool which would open up a dialogue box. Select from among the View Modes available- Overlay, On White and On Black are great to start with.

Step 4-
Use the Edge Detection feature in the Refine Edge dialogue and make visible the finer edges in your picture by dragging the Radius slider towards the right in small increments. You can also try the Smart Radius feature to ease up and automate some of the work.

Step 5- Now, using the Refine Radius drawing brush, select any missing areas near the hairline and bring out more details in your picture. If you make any mistake, simply use the Erase Refinement Brush by pressing Shift + E.

Step 6- In the Adjust Edge Slide, feather slider would help you soften the edges and give a more realistic look.

Step 7- If you are using colored background, checking the Decontaminate Colors check box will replace the pixels around the edge with the nearby colors, thereby reducing the halo effect.

Step 8-
You can use the Layer Mask as your Output Mode to make room for improvements later.

If you think the results are satisfactory, check the Remember Settings box at the bottom before clicking on OK and confirming the selection.

Hair masking services find a huge application in advertisement industry and print media along with image retouch service. Post your before and after shots of the tutorial in the comments to share them with fellow designers!

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