Why Women Shop More Than Men

Made By: Kira Yuen Period 6 1/11/16


How can I create a presentation that will explain why women like shopping more than men. Women like shopping more than men for actually (mostly) one reason. That reason is the hunting and gathering back a long time ago. I chose this topic because I thought it would be interesting and one of my friends encouraged me to do it. Also, for once a stereotype is actually true and I want to prove it!

Men, hunting.

Way back around 8,000 B.C.E. men were the ones who hunted and the women gathered berries. The main reason men don't like shopping is because of the instinct to do what they did back then. Hunt. The way men hunted is, spot prey, kill quickly, get out as soon as possible so they could get home before dark. So, men took that fast technique to hunt into their shopping habits. Also, they didn't really hunt with ANYONE so that is why they don't shop with their family or really anybody.
Women Shop, Men Buy - DIfference in purchasing strategy
This video made me realize how many women really DO love shopping more than men! It tells you that all around the world men love getting shopping done fast.

Women, Collecting Berries

Women were the collectors. They were really slow because they had to make sure all the berries were the best ones for their families. Polly Young-Eisendrath professor says, "Shopping is simply an offshoot of advertising and commercialism." What Polly means is that shopping is PART of advertising. Also, women like shopping with other people because when they collected berries women usually worked together.
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Although women shop more than men in GENERAL(like at a store), men shop more ONLINE!!!! It may seem weird but it is 100% true. Once again the reason they shop online is because of their heritage. Men just like to save time so they order online. People don't even recognize that they shop more online!