Roberto Garcia's Bucket list

April 10,2014


The first thing that I want to do is go snow boarding in mammoth mountain, California because is the #1 place you can go snowboarding. Erosion is by wind because the wind push the snow to the mountains . The physical weathering is carving off the mountains. the friend I would take is Wyatt because I think we may actually have a lot of fun snowboarding in mammoth mountain.


The second thing I want to do is skydiving because how the air blows in your face and you can see everyhing . The best place to skydive is in the Namib desert in Namibia. The physical weathering is breaking down the sand. The erosion is wind because it is moving the sand. The person who would go skydiving with me is Jonathan because he may like to go skydiving.

3- caves

The third thing is to go to caves because I think its beautiful to see a cave. The thing I like the most about caves is the minerals and crystals. The weathering that made these caves was chemical weathering. The erosion that moved sediments to or out of the cave was wind erosion. I guess no one likes caves, so I would go by myself.

4-scuba diving

The fourth thing I want to go scuba diving in the Egypt red sea. The weathering is physical because the water is turning it to tiny pieces. The erosion is the running water because the water is carrying the sand to the shore.
SCUBA Diving Egypt Red Sea - Underwater Video HD


The last thing I want to do is go canyon swinging. The thing I love about canyon swing is that you can do whatever moves you want and the place I want to go is shoot over canyon. The weathering is the physical weathering because the wind and water (erosion) can break down the rock.