The Early Ojibwe

Winter/ in Ojibwe, Biboon

Hunting and Meals

In the winter, the men and boys hunted meats like moose, elk, deer and other animals that are available in the Northern Midwest area. The best hunters were away from home for days. Children and older men at home trapped and hunted smaller animals, keeping the family supplied with meat when the hunters were away. The women at home, dried and cut the meat into strips to be eaten later. Women also has to cook meals.

Tasks for Women, Girls, and Older Women

While the men and boys were hunting in the frosty winters, women also had many tasks. Older women wove fish nets and hunting bags and looked after young kids. Girls and women cooked their meals. The woman and girls also made jackets, moccasins, and other clothes made from animal hides.


Nick Nguyen is a unknown writer who lives in Minnesota. He is also a 6th Grader.