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Time flies and it comes the 17th Chapter of AIESEC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. It is another brand new chapter of AIESEC UTM, which means new leaders are born and new direction is being set.

It's not the end of the story. There were many confusions regarding the EB 15/16 announcement in Facebook either in AIESEC UTM - ToFu's House or Malaysian Aiesecers. Some of you might ponder why there were 2 directors being announced as well in the post. This newsletter will clarify all the doubts that all of you might have.

With this, I as the newly elected LCP of AIESEC UTM 15/16 am wishing all of you all the best in your term 14/15. We will achieve our goal in term 14/15 with 180 meaningful impacts to the world which will kickstart new term 15/16 with a bang. Countdown to 36 days to 180 meaningful impacts.

Best Regards,

Wong Jing Rong
Local Committee President 15/16

AIESEC in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Next Term, Next Team, Next Leaders of AIESEC UTM

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EBMT 15/16 Team

On April 3rd 2015 (11pm), I had made an announcement on the EBMT team instead of EB Team for term 15/16. There were several factors that affect me as LCP 15/16 to make this decision. It was not easy for me to make this decision with my Election Committee and even my Election Chair.

Let me rewind back to time where Virtual Vote of Confidence (VoC).

Below show the tabulation of voting for EB Application 3rd Round.

  • Chee Kween Wai - 9 FOR, 0 AGAINST
  • Ng Lik Hong (Rex) - 5 FOR, 4 AGAINST
  • Goh Jun Xian - 8 FOR, 1 AGAINST
  • Lai Zhou Huan - 8 FOR, 1 AGAINST
  • Wong YI Khai (Eva) - 6 FOR, 3 AGAINST

As you can see, there was one spoilt vote during the process of voting due to the reason that the vote did not follow the standing order. Therefore there was only 9 vote instead of 10 votes initially. Nevertheless, each candidate still need to obtain 7 votes to PASS the VoC.

In the end,only have 3 candidates pass the VoC to proceed to EB Interview.

  • Chee Kween Wai
  • Goh Jun Xian
  • Lai Zhou Huan (John)

Due to the nature of FL department and the upcoming National Planning Meet (NPM) which was nearing (10-12 April) during that point of time, I made my decision as LCP 15/16 to offer Director FL interview opportunity to Wong Yi Khai (Eva) despite not passing the EB 3rd Round VoC. I made a decision to bring at least a Director FL to NPM for term 15/16 as it is important to bring at least one representative for each functions to NPM.

On the April 3rd as well, EB interview was being conducted together with Director FL interview. Throughout the interview, 2 EB candidates passed the interview and 1 EB candidate failed the interview.

  1. Chee Kween Wai - Passed
  2. Lai Zhou Huan (John) - Passed
  3. Goh Jun Xian -Failed

Nevertheless, Goh Jun Xian was being offered as Director Marketing. Therefore throughout the EB 3rd Round Application, 2 Directors position was being offered which is Wong Yi Khai (Eva) as Director FL and Goh Jun Xian as Director Marketing which they passed the interview and accepted the offer.

The current team of EBMT 15/16 of AIESEC UTM consist of :

LCP - Wong Jing Rong

LCVP TM - Lai Zhou Huan (John)

LCVP iGTP - Chee Kween Wai

LCVP iGCP - Ching Xin Huey

LCVP OGX - Chor Choon Seng

SUP - Lee Jia Wei (Aiden)

Director FL - Wong Yi Khai (Eva)

Director Marketing - Goh Jun Xian

We awaits for the others potential leaders to come onboard with us for the next awesome term of 15/16. Come and join us and bring glory for AIESEC UTM.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right"-Henry Ford

EBMT 1516 1st Application Booklet

It contains Application Booklet, Application Form and Belbin Test Sheet.

Management Team 15/16 Application Release

Hereby, on behalf of EBMT 15/16 AIESEC UTM, I would like to announce that AIESEC in UTM Management Team for term 1516 1st Round is now officially launched.

The new EB team has been fully formed.We, EBs are waiting for the MTs to join us to bring AIESEC UTM to greater heights. Are you the one we looking for? Come and be a part the leaders of AIESEC UTM.

The application booklet can be found in the link above for more information.

Deadline for application submission: 28th April, 23:59 GMT+8

"Be patient and tough; Someday this pain will be useful to you." - Ovid


Wong Jing Rong

3rd Year Chemical Engineering Student