Harris' Updates

Week of December 8-12

This Week

Monday, Dec 8th - Holiday Store shopping

Thursday, Dec 11th - Eric Litwin (Pete the Cat) visit

Friday, Dec 12th - Mixtures & Solutions vocabulary quiz

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Our Fabulous USC Student Interns

So long to our USC Interns

Last Friday, we said so long to our fabulous USC Student Interns. They have been AMAZING in our classrooms this semester. We celebrated them on Friday with a sweet treat snacks, hand written books and gift cards to their favorite stores (Kathy's Kreations and Target). The interns made bookmarks and friendship bracelets for each student. We will certainly miss having them in our classrooms. They will be completing the full internship in 3rd grade beginning in January.

Math News

Chapter 4 focuses on dividing by a 2-digit number. Students will get plenty of practice dividing this week. We also will be incorporating more word problems into our learning this week.

Since this chapter is so short, students will have a quiz/test on Monday, December 15th.

Science Fair Quest. & Hypothesis due Monday, Dec 15th

Science News

This weeks we will continue our Mixtures and Solutions unit. Students will be learning about concentration, saturation, and the rate of dissolving. Test on this unit is tentatively scheduled for mid week next week (approx Wed, 12/17). Extra Credit is due the day of the test as well.

Students will have a quiz on the Mixtures and Solutions vocabulary on Friday, 12/13.

Please keep in mind that students are responsible for completing and turning in their Science Fair Question & Hypothesis on Monday, 12/15! Don't let it sneak up on you!

Holiday Store

This week our fabolous PTO is sponsering the Holiday Store. Students can bring in money to purchase holiday items for family members. Items range from 50 cents to $12.75. Our classes went today to shop, but many forgot to bring money. We will allow the students to return on Tuesday morning and Thursday morning (8-8:30) to purchase items if they wish. Students will have a limited amount of time to shop, as we don't want them to miss too much instructional time.

Parents - if you would like to come shop, you are more than welcome to do so. Wednesday from 8:00 - 8:30am and 2:00-2:30pm are scheduled as parent shopping times.

Next Week

Monday, Dec 15th - Science Fair Question & Hypothesis due! Math quiz/test scheduled

Friday, Dec 19th- Winter Blast

*Science Test will be sometime the week of Dec 15-19th.