so informational flyer matt


3 was to be safe while cleaning are
  • wear gloves
  • lift with legs
  • don't leave cords where someone can trip

cleaning schedule

the purpose of a cleaning schedule is to tell what to clean on that day

cleaning products

3 cleaning products we use are
  • window cleaner
  • sanitizer
  • floor cleaner



the 2 types of mops are


the 2 ways to clean windows are
  • squeegee with squeegee bucket
  • window spray with yellow rag


the 3 items we disinfect in the hospital room
  • the phone
  • the lamp
  • the bed remote

bed changing

the purpose sanitary bed changing is
  • so no one gets sick

4 sanitary bed changing techniques are

wash your hands, don't hold against you, set items on clean surface, and wear gloves to protect hands