Out Of My Mind

By Sharon M. Draper

Melody--The Next Disabled Genius

Will Melody be able to live like a normal girl or will she be disabled her entire life?

Editorial Review

Out Of My Mind is an amazing story about a girl named Melody who is disabled but, a genius and wishes to be like a normal girl. One day she get's the chance to start doing classes with the un-disabled kids. She meets a girl in her class named Rose and they become best friends. A couple weeks later she get's an aide named Catherine. Hope you enjoy the book!

Product Details

  • Age Range 9-13
  • Grade Level: 4-7
  • Paperback: 295
  • Atheneum Books For Young Readers
  • Language English

Best Quotes From Out Of My Mind

  • The whump and whoosh of the furnace coming alive each morning.
  • Jazz music drives mom crazy, which is probably why dad puts it on.
  • When i was really little, i remember sitting in our kitchen, being fed breakfast by mom, and a song came on the radio that made me screech with joy.
  • I'm surrounded by thousands of words. Maybe millions. Cathedral. Mayonnaise. Pomegranate. Mississippi. Neapolitan. Hippopotamus. Silky. Terrifying. Iridescent. Tickle. Sneeze. Wish. Worry. Words have always swirled around me like snowflakes-each one delicate and different, each one melting untouched in my hands.


Out Of My Mind is a story about a girl in 5th grade who is disabled and the smartest girl in her class. Melody wishes to be like the other kids. And one day she has the chance to go take a class with the normal kids. She hopes she makes a good first impression. Later that day she meets a girl a normal girl and they become best friends. A couple weeks later she get's her very own aide.

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