By: Nick Rushing

What is groundwater

Ground water is water that is held underground in rocks, sand, and dirt. Groundwater is created when it rains and the water infiltrates into the ground this process is called infiltration.

Porosity vs. Permeability

Porosity is the amount of space in between sediment particles. Permeability is a materials ability to allow fluids to pass through it. these affect the presence of groundwater because some substances hold water better than others and some let water pass through them easier than others

Water Table

The water table is the level below which the ground is saturated with water. The zone of saturation is below the water table and the zone of aeration is above the water table. an aquifer is a body of permeable rock that contains or can transmit water. An aquiclude is a body of rock that holds water but doesn't transmit it well.
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Types of aquifers

Unconfined-it is characterized by not having an aquitard above it.

Confined- an Aquifer that is under pressure because of layers of rock are above and below it.
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effects that deplete groundwater

In California groundwater is being depleted because they cant get water from anywhere else. They are in a drought so the only water they have is water in the ground