Minnesota museum of Renaissance Art

Renaissance Artists and their famous works.

Minnesota Museum of Renaissance Art

Inside the walls of the Minnesota Museum of Renaissance Art houses many great works of famous Renaissance artist like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Jan Van Eyck, Raphael, and many more. This flyer is to show you some of the things that the museum has to offer.

You can visit www.minnesotamuseum/renaissancearts.com or call 507-423-3557.


A famous painter,scupture, architect, and poet. His work is worldwide know, examples of those are the David,Pieta, and the Sistine Chapel's ceiling. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarrota Simoni was born in March 6th,1475 in Caprese in the Republic of Florence. He became an apprentice of an painter at a young age. His master was Domenico Ghirlandaio. After he left his workshop Michelangelo would go on a famous career as an artist. Michelangelo died on February 18th 1564 in Rome.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Born April 15th,1452 was born in Vinci which is in Florence. In his lifetime Leonardo was a scientist, engineer, inventor, sculptor, painter, musician, and a writer. Some of his favorite works are the Last Supper and Mona Lisa. Da Vinci is consider a true "Renaissance" man. Da Vinci started his career as an apprentice for painting master Verrochio who taught him for six years. When he was 20 years old Da Vinci opened his own workshop. On May 2nd,1519 Leonardo died in his home in France.


Another one of the many famous artist that is shown in our museum is Raphael. Raphael was born in Urbino,Italy on April 6th, 1483. At the age of 21 in 1504 Raphael became the apprentice of Perugino. In 1511 Raphael created the Stanza della Segnatura (The Room of the Segnatura). Three years later in 1514 he was hired to be Pope Julius II's chief architect. In his life time Raphael was a famous painter and architect. Some of his famous paintings are School of Athens, The Transfiguration and the Madonna del Granduca. Raphael died on his birthday in 1520 at the age of 37.

Jan Van Eyck

One of the oldest of the artist in our museum, Jan Van Eyck. This famous artist was born in c.1395 in Maaseik in the Holy Roman Empire in present day Belgium. In the year 1425 Van Eyck was hired by Duke Philip "The Good" of Burgundy. One of his famous paintings "Adoration of the Lamb" in the year 1432. For most of Van Eyck's career he used oil painting for his artwork. Van Eyck died in 1441 on July 9th in Bruges,Netherlands.