Literary Devices Found in Two Kinds

Izaac Black 8/24/12


The setting takes place in the Chinatown district of San Francisco, California. The characters live in an aparment.
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The main characters are Nikan, a young girl who lives with her parents. There is also a piano teacher.


In this story, a young girl named Nikan is expected to be a prodigy. Her mom wants her to be this, so she gets her daughter piano lessons with an old man named Mr. Chong. She nicknames him Old Chong. He is deaf, so she takes advantage by not correcting her mistakes on piano. She plays at a talent show, and makes mistakes during her set and feels humiliated. Her and her mother have an argument when they get home, and the daughter says some terrible things that her and her mother never speak about again afterwards. The daughter stops playing piano, and after her mothers  death, she discovered the second part of the song she performed. 

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict of the story is how the mother and daughter feel about the situation. The daughter feels that she can never be what her mother wants her to be, and her mother wants to be a prodigy.
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External Conflict

The external conflict is shown when the mother and daughter argue. They argue because the daughter is tiered of playing piano, and trying to be a prodigy. The mother is angry because the daughter will not live up to her expectations.
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The theme of the story is to not expect people to live up to unreasonable expectations, and to accept them for who they are.
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The piano is symbolic of the daughter's feelings. She does not appreciate the piano while she is young. When she grows up and her mother passes away,however, she cherishes the piano.
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Thematic Signifiance

When the daughter looks in the mirror, she sees a bad image of her,such as anger and ugliness. She then sees the prodigy side of herself.She promises herself to not let it ruin her.
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Mother-Daughter Relationship

The mother and daughter were angry with each other, because the mother felt that her daughter was an ungrateful child and that she should be a prodigy. The daughter felt that her mom was asking too much of her, and trying to make her something she could never be.
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Mother's Earlier Life

 The mother used to live in China. She lost her parents, daughters,her home,and her first husband. She wants her daughter to be a prodigy, so that she can be proud of her achievements. She wants her daughter to have a better life than she had.
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