Mark Davis

Descriptive words about me

athletic, love the outdoors, play basketball, smart, video games, car guy, watching TV, like to sleep, computer person, dog person
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I love the game of basketball I always like to watch the game and play in the game.

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I have addiction to having really expensive things around my house and for me.

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I love cars because I like to see how loud it could get and how fast it could go.

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I like animals but i like my dogs the best the always want to play with you and have fun.


My favorite hobbies is to play basketball. then my next is to tinker on my dad cars

biggest influences on me

I think the biggest influence on me is my mom and dad and still to this day.

favorite book and movie

My favorite book is the diary of a wimpy kid series. Then my favorite movie is Godzilla (2014)


'' Keep practicing.Never let anyone tell you are too small or too slow'' -Chris Paul

A lot of people think I am too small to play basketball.

place that have impacted me

I think the Grand Canyon had the greatest impacted on me because it had a lot of natural beauty and it was not man made.
Michael Jordan's Top Career Dunks


The voice

There is a voice inside of you

that whispers all day long,

"I feel that this is right for me,

I know that is wrong."

No teacher, preacher,parent,friend

or wise man can decide

What's right for you--- just listen to

The voice that speak inside.

By Shel Silverstein