Eat like your life depends on it!

Accurate Food Allergy and Intolerance testing.

Tests for over 150 different foods using an accurate blood analysis test.

  • Did you know a food allergy can Zap your vital energy, make you feel bloated, irritable and lots more?
  • If you answer Yes to at least 3 of the below symptoms the possibility is you have a food allergy:
    Diarrhoea, Constipation, Acne, Bloating, Gas, Flatulence, Fatigue, Sinus infections, Yeast Infection (Candidiasis), Heart Burn, Sweating, Insomnia, High blood pressure, Migraine Headache, Arthritis, Water retention, Thirst, Weight gain, Bad breath, Body odour, Irritability, Runny Nose, Stomach Cramps, Nausea.
  • With these comprehensive tests, you can get the answers you're looking for and learn which foods to avoid for a healthier, happier lifestyle.
  • Your 40 mins to 1 hour session will be carried out by Yvonne O'Shaughnessy who holds a Bsc and is also a Nutritionist, Reflexologist, Iridologist and Raw Food Specialist. You will receive your result on the same day!
  • Iridology, Juice therapy and Nutritional Consultations are also available.
  • Opening hours are Mon, Wed, Fri from 9am - 6pm.
  • Call, pop in or message us for any more details.

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