When and How It was invented

The phonograph was invented in 1877 by Thomas Edison. He figured out how to make it while trying to improve the Telephone and Telegraph.

How it has evolved

The phonograph has evolved in many ways. First, it evolved into the radio which was the first way to broadcast information. Next, the sound was changed from a disc or record to a Cassete. Then it was changed back to a much smaller disc or CD. Today it has evolved into the Mp3 player, ipod, or phone.

How it works

The phonograph is very complicated to make but very simple to operate. The phonograph takes a disc with grooves in it and a needle finds the grooves and can vibrate at the right frequency to make music and voices.

How it changed the world

The phonograph was the first invention to record and play sound. Now people could be able to listen to music and people talking. This was the birthplace of electronic entertainment.


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How does it work : worlds first record player
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