Gallipoli Campaign

This explains the Gallipoli Campaign

How it began

  1. * Britain declared war on Germany in 1914
  2. *The ANZAC's trained in Egypt before going to Gallipoli
  3. *They were commanded by Lieutenat General William Birdwood
  4. *They landed at Gallipoli on the 25th of April 1915
  5. *The Turks were smart and they spotted the ANZAC's and lit a green flare
  6. *Some people say that the ingured ANZAC's were taken to Greece to get better while the other's fight in Gallipoli
  7. *Many other Austarlian's and New Zelanders were fighting in Belgium and France, around the Western Front.
  8. *The ANZAC's left Gallipoli in later 1915
  9. *362 officer's and 7779 men were killed
  10. One of the most famous soilders is John Simpson who used stray donkey's which were used to carry water to carry wounded soilderes off the battlefield. His favourite donkey was one named Duffy