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The Latest News from the North Hall

Our School Music Video

The kids have been told to upload our school music video, "Our School," to their Google Drive account. That way you can access it at home. I would link it here, but I don't want to use your data, streaming video on your phones.

Your child should be able to pull up his/her Google Drive account at home. If you have trouble, let me know.

Splash Math HW

Please remind your child to log-in to SplashMath each night and complete at least one section. This is excellent review for our upcoming math final.


This week we start writing our alternate fairy tale. These tales will be about a prince or princess who did not get their "happily ever after."
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Family Fun Run

Saturday, May 9th, 9am

4718 Polk Road

Fort Campbell, KY

You must sign up by this Wednesday.