Heather Luby's Renaissance Project

Inigo Jones


  • Inigo Jones was born on July 15,1573 in London, England.
  • He died on June 21, 1652 in London, England.
  • Throughout his life he traveled around Italy for a little, but for the most part he stayed in England.
  • He was apprenticed to a joiner in St. Paul's churchyard as a boy.
  • He never really revealed his true character or personality to the public.
  • He created architecture. He built The Queens House in Greenwhich, The Queens Chapel at St. James' palace, and many others.
  • Kings and Queens across England were his patrons.

This is the Banqueting house in Whitehall palace in london england.

Inigo Jones built this in 1619-1622.

This piece shows humanism because he didn't inquire the gods into his works.

I like this piece of work because it is intricate and appears very nice for the era of which it was built.


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