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I am a koala, i am mostly found in Australia in the streets where i can get seriously injured because they are destroying my home to create landscapes you can save me from that. I am a furry animal, they use my fur for coats. I also got super strength i can move one place to one place in a snap of a finger. I will cuddle with you until you fall asleep, but i still have to sleep to conserve energy. I need improvement on where i live, and my hearing.
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I am a capuchin monkey, I am mostly found in South America. I will be a great help in your kitchen because my special talent is picking up dropped objects i have other special talents like turning on buttons or repositioning limbs on a wheelchair. I was proven to be one of the most intelligent monkeys in the world.
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I am mostly found in South America and parts of Australia. I was discovered just in 2016. My special traits are I can live outside without eating for about two days and all i need to eat is fruit and gum leaves. I have very soft fur for coats. I can help around the kitchen and help your kids with their homework.