January 6th - January 10th

3B and 3D News


This week in math, we will be starting our second set of rotation groups. In these groups we will continue to work on multiplication and division, while revisiting graphing concepts.

For multiplication and division we will focus on word problems. What clues tell you to multiply or divide? What happens if it's a two step problem?

Our math WOW is each. We will be talking about this word a lot this week because it is a helpful hint to multiply.

Reading and Language Arts

In reading, we will be reading a few new picture books this week as well as starting a new chapter book! Our reading focus this week will be author's purpose. What are the different reasons authors write?

For writing, learners will write their own fable, myth, or legend and share with the class.

In word work, we will be reviewing contractions and getting new spelling lists.

Social Studies

We really enjoyed learning about different holidays that our learners celebrate. It was fun to hear about your family's traditions!

In Social Studies this week, we will begin studying geography and learning about map skills.

New Vocabulary: compass rose, cardinal directions, grid, map key, map scale, globe, hemisphere, year, decade, century


In science we will be taking a simple machines assessment to test what we know. We will also create our very own wordle using all the words we can think of that have to do with simple machines.

Later in the week we will be starting a new science unit!

Important Information

We sure did enjoy our holiday party. As always, you guys did a fabulous job!

And thank you for spoiling us rotten with presents. We are very appreciative!! We are so blessed to have you and your children.

Home Fun

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. Thank you for supporting us with this!

Math Resources:


Think Through Math


Reading Resources:



Read books at home

Mark Your Calendar

January 20th: No School/ Martin Luther King Jr. Day