By: Alexandra Drury period: 5/6


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  1. only 34.5% of recyclable material is actually recycled (AHH!)

  2. 1.9 BILLION tons of waste end up in the ocean every year!

  3. only 250 million tons end up just in trash bins!

  4. $11.5 billion dollars is spent cleaning up litter each year!

  5. if everyone recycled, a lot of things would be less expensive, because they don’t have to pay someone to cut down trees, and process it as much, it already is processed if you recycle it!

  6. news paper can turn into things like: building insulation, kitty litter, counter top, etc.

  7. Recycled cans are turned into bike parts, car parts, steel beams, etc.

  8. If we recycled cans alone, than we would save at least 600 MILLION dollars!

  9. in total, (no littering + recycled cans) we would save/make about 12,000,000,000 dollars! (12 billion dollars)

  10. If everyone would STOP BEING LAZY and recycle/STOP LITTERING, we could probably get out of debt from china in a couple of years. (i don’t know for sure, but if you look at number nine, it says that we could save 12 billion dollars a year.)

Positive And negative plans:

Positive: “Would you like the prices to go down on most of the items you buy? try recycling and it could come true!”

“Have you ever seen a sunrise or a sunset? That is the earth bribing you to recycle.”

“Only 34.5% of recyclable material is actually recycled, but you can make it higher.”

“If we at least recycled cans, we would save at least 600 million dollars”-C.R.I. (Container Recycling Institute)


“The earth is telling you to be more considerate by sending natural disasters, WHY ARE YOU STILL NOT LISTENING?!”-quote from me :)

“Do you like killing penguins? Because that is what’s happening when you litter and don’t recycle.”

“How would you like to be turned into paper just because someone wouldn't put wood that was ALREADY paper into a bin?”-a tree


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