I & E @ Golden Gate

January 2016

Recent Success

Diversity Makes Us Stronger Week

"This was amazing. I got to learn so much. I do not remember learning about this in school and I think this is a story that needs to be told" responded, one of the over 175 people that participated in the four days of activities. Participants were able to engage in GOGA's rich multicultural history, practice and build our inclusion and cultural proficiency and celebrate diversity within our park. BIG Kudos to all those within Interp and Education that assisted in the planning and led activities including Al Blank, Wendy Solís, Kay Wang, Fátima Colindres, Aracely Montero, Desiree Muñoz, Rik Penn, Jenn Flores, Alejandra Iraheta, Lynn Fonfa and Nancy Caplan.

Original Theater on Alcatraz Mined Provocative Themes

Non-profit theatrical company, Poetic Justic Project (PJP), performed the "Wizard of Grey Bar Hotel" in the cell house hospital on Nov. 7. Set in a women's prison and based on the Wizard of Oz, it followed Dorothy's journey through incarceration where she found courage, brains and heart. PJP members are all previously incarcerated individuals; the company's goal is to reduce recidivism through immersion in performing arts. The audience Q and A afterward provided an intimate window into the lives of cast and crew. Many themes emerged, from violence to fear to the role of creativity, and perhaps the most compelling theme of all, that of redemption and the power of a second chance in life.

Every Kid In A Park

The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round..... thanks to a $9000 Every Kid in A Park Transportation Grant recently awarded to the park by the National Park Foundation. The funds will be used to “Cultivate a Sense of Belonging For 4th Graders Through Scientific Inquiry and Stewardship at Muir Woods and Golden Gate NRA.” Thank you Lynn Fonfa for securing the grant.

Jr Ranger Days Kick-off to Centennial Year

The first in the centennial series of GOGA Jr Ranger Days took place on Alca on Nov. 7 and 8. A consummate team effort, thanks goes out to many: for Kate Marcouiller's leadership, staff creativity, huge support from Alcatraz Cruises, and wonderful community outreach by Fátima Colindres. Virtually all 600+ free tickets went to under-served communities, and almost 500 Junior Rangers were sworn in by the end of the weekend.

800 Gathered for Indigenous Peoples Day Sunrise Ceremony in Oct and 4000 for Unthanksgiving Pre-Dawn Event

A starry sky presided over the Parade Ground as 800+ gathered at the bonfire on 10-12 to honor the indigenous peoples movement that started on Alca 46 years ago. 4000 did the same on Thanksgiving morning for another cold but brilliant dawn. For both events the energy began pre-dawn as capacity boats were transformed by songs and drumming. And on both mornings, speeches and performances - including traditional Mexica (Aztec) dancers in brilliant costumes and feathers - continued on the island for several hours as part of a rich tapestry of tribal affiliation.

Safety...Where Do You Begin?

Have you exercised today? Have you checked your CPR certificate? Signed up for the training in Spring? Have you recharged your batteries (literally and figuratively)? I look at the swelling in my thumb joint from an accident two months ago, and I’m reminded of how important Safety is. Tony DiStefano trained Presidio IEO Rangers in Blood Borne Pathogens today, so we know what to do around the messes (and messy people) we find in the park. The Safety Leadership Team, led by Aaron Roth, is planning an employee communication and Incident Command system for El Nino-and other emergencies-this winter. Our new Safety & Health Manager, Stacy Wertman, is sending out “Talks”, but I’m most concerned about those who don’t read! So if you got this far, tell me, then I know

by James Osborne

Employee Safety Committee Chair

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Highlights and Updates

Presidio Staff set to move to Building 36 this Spring

All staff currently working in Building 223 are set to join the temporary Presidio Visitor Center in Building 36 across the street. This two story building will be home to NPS, Presidio Trust and Parks Conservancy staff hired to work at the new visitor center. The building will shortly undergo minor repairs and upgrades like paint, carpet and rewiring and then staff will move in when ready. Be on the look out for an open house party in the new digs this Spring!

Presidio VC move to building 210

Exhibit Design Development is near 100% complete for the new William Penn Mott Jr. The Presidio Visitor Center set to open in December of 2016. Features include large topo map, real time video display, digital interactive and "Voices of the Presidio". First time visitors will experience new interpretive exhibits will be organized under four geographic zones (Main Post, Crissy FIeld, Golden Gate/Fort Point and Southern Wilds) with umbrella theme of a Changing Landscape. Michael Faw and Theresa Griggs have been instrumental in this effort of the past several years as this project becomes a reality. Many high fives!

A Sunny Day at Muir Woods! Or is it?

Thanks to the natural resources staff and the inventory and monitoring program, you can now ask yourself...is it Sunny...or is it Rainy at Muir Woods? Any, you can get an answer in real time: http://www.weatherlink.com/user/muwoweather



We are very sad to say goodbye to Juan Queseda who recently moved on from Muir Woods to take a job that is a stones throw from where he lives (as compared to his daily commute from San Jose to MUWO). Juan was a vibrant and positive force at the woods and we wish him the best of luck at Stanford.

November marked the end of the season for many more of our beloved staff. Special thanks to Han Xu (Fort Point), Desiree Muñoz (Outreach), Cortney Balcer (Outreach), Helena Colindres (AZ) and Kathryn Marcoulier. Fortunately circumstances have changes and despite what we said in our last newsletter, Jasmine Reinhardt (MUWO) and Alex Duncan (MAHE) will be staying on a few more month and Steve Cote will transition to our Night Ranger on Alcatraz for the next 60 days.


Last month, I missed the opportunity to also recognize Michael Faw for being nominated for a Bridge Award. Congratulations Michael!

Relevancy, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Standing Up Against Islamophobia

By Sally Steeland and Ken Gude

The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, is pursuing a strategy explicitly designed to provoke hostility toward innocent Muslims in Western society in order to radicalize these communities and recruit them to their cause. Listening to the American political debate in the wake of the tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, that strategy may be working. Islamophobic rants are both morally offensive and factually inaccurate and play right into the hands of our terrorist enemies. Read More...

5 Big Developments From the Beginning of the Paris Climate Summit

By Tim McDonnell

After just a few days, billions of dollars have been committed to clean energy. Read More...

Arc of Equity Community of Practice

As the Civil War to Civil Rights commemoration draws to an end, NPS leadership hopes to build on the momentum gained during its four years and develop an expanded initiative to more fully interpret the historic and ongoing pursuit of equality and justice for all Americans (African American, Latino, American Indian, women, LGBTQ, etc.).

The hope to position the NPS as a national resource and catalyst for conversations so that the National Park Service can be an agent of healing, reconciliation, and change in the nation today. To this end, a Community of Practice is being developed to discuss common issues and share information and resources with periodic webinars highlighting effective techniques and other learning opportunities. They hae also created a virtual community through which we can connect.

If you'd like to join, please contact Carol Shively at carol_shivey@nps.gov.


Strategic Framing for Climate Communication: A Lunchtime Discussion

...Also known as — How to Talk about Climate Change!

December 10, 2015; noon - 1pm
Bay Conference Center, Tiburon, CA
Free! Lunch provided

Join Sarah Ferner and Heidi Nutters from the San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for a conversation about how to tell the story of climate change to the public.They will share lessons learned from a six-month NSF-funded Study Circle we participated in through the National Network of Ocean and Climate Interpreters.

Come learn about the latest research on climate communication, and practice your communication skills, too!

Registration is required. Seats are limited.

Interpreting Climate Change

Virtual Classroom—Distance Learning Opportunity

February 9-12, 2016 12:00pm-5:00pm EST daily

This course will provide an overview of the practical knowledge and skills that will enable interpreters to develop effective, engaging climate change programming for both natural and cultural sites. Participants will consider a range of engagement techniques such as facilitated dialogue, skills for dealing with controversy, and presenting multiple perspectives. These and other techniques will be applied to an overview of climate science and audience research. Participants will engage in group discussions to share best practices, build confidence and identify meaningful site connections.

REGISTRATION and MORE INFORMATION at DOI Learn* – deadline is January 11, 2016. Search by course name.

Healthy Park, Healthy People

Saturday, Dec. 5th, 2-4pm

Presidio, San Francisco

Is getting fit difficult because you could use some motivation and change of scenery? Your National Parks can help! Join the Healthy Parks Healthy People Rangers and leaders each month as we work our way to fitness and a healthier lifestyle. Through hiking, beginner exercises and family games, you’ll get to know your various National Park sites while getting those hearts and waistlines happy. For more information and to RSVP, call (415) 561-4323.

Wear comfortable exercise clothing you can move in and don’t mind getting dirty. Don’t forget your water bottles. All ages and fitness levels welcome. Meet in front of the new Presidio Visitor Center location, 36 Lincoln Blvd at the corner of Graham Street.

Morning at Muir Woods

Sunday, Dec. 6th, 9:30am-12:30pm

Muir Woods National Monument

Mill Valley, CA

Join us for a two-mile stroll (mostly flat, with a relatively steep section) through an old-growth redwood forest. Wander through an awakening forest, hear tall tales, soar in the sounds and smells, and wonder and the historical and ecological story of Muir Woods.

Designed to engage adults; may be over the head of younger teens. Dress warmly, ideally in layers. Wear sturdy shoes. Bring water bottle and optionally a thermos of your favorite hot drink and pastry to enjoy at Camp Eastwood. Heavy rain cancels.Reservations required; please call (415)-388-2596.

THe Last Gun

Sunday, Dec. 6th, 11am-3pm

Presidio, San Francisco

How can a 50-ton gun simply disappear? Learn this and more while helping load and aim the last operational gun of its kind. Photos of the century-old Endicott system batteries in action are on display in an underground cartridge room. In case of rain, call (415) 561-4323 for schedule. Located at Battery Chamberlin, north end of Baker Beach parking lot.

To find out more with what is happening in the park, check out other upcoming Park Events page on the Parks Conservancy website.

Michele Gee

Chief of Interpretation & Education
Golden Gate National Recreation Area

National Park Service

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