The Life of this Parker

by: Seth Parker

Seth's Scrumptious Scores


I have a blue personality which means that I am Trustworthy, loyal , emotional ,a team player , and friendly. For more information about me,my scores and more go to the link HERE.

My Creativity is off the charts

I am 43 right brain and 6 left brain
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Kuder results


Motorvation and Stress Scores

I'm at 62 motivation and 30 stress neither of which are that bad!!!!! If you stress over things you are prolonging the .

My Team Style Results

I am a creator and a supporter. This means I am sensitive, open, and tactful. I operate through feelings and emotions and place value on helping others. I relate well with others, listen, and encourage others. I am also enthusiastic, spontaneous, innovative and flexible. I like people and to focus on the future.

The High School Journey

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