New England Colonies

Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Conneticut


  • It was found by John Winthrop in 1620.
  • They concentrated on manufacture and focused on town life and industries such as ship building.
  • They had a Corporate Government.
  • The Indian tribes were the Wampanoag and Nauset.
  • Their had a Puritan religion
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Rhode Island

  • Founded by Roger Williams in 1636.
  • Industries and trade included ship building , whale products and furs
  • They had a Corporate Government.
  • Was home to the Narragansett and Nipuc tribes
  • They didnt have a religion.
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New Hampshire

  • Founded by John Mason in 1623.
  • They focused o ship building and manufacture.
  • Their Government was Corporate then it became Royal.
  • The tribes were the Abenski and Pennacook
  • They believe in Puritan religion
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  • Founded by Thomas Hooker in 1636,
  • They mostly focused on mixed farming.
  • They had a Corporate Government.
  • The tribes there were the Pequot and Mohegan.
  • They believed in Puritan religion.
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