Camp Arthritis

Helping Kids Have Fun For The Summer

Juvenile Arthritis

You may heave heard about Juvenile Arthritis,Well we have a Camp for all who have this disease.Our camp has many things your child can do during the summer and to help them get whatever it takes to beat Juvenile Arthritis

Come To Our Camp

Our Camp is Located on Orgin Street 75702, Be There and Have Fun,The cost of Camp is $25 per kid-Campers will haft to bring a suitcase with clothes that can last for 14 days and extra clothes for swimming and playing outside ! The Campers with the disease Arthritis will be able to participate in any activity and we will help them Beat Arthritis- Our camp will be the most Unforgettable Camp your child will remember.Camp activities are adapted so that every camper can participate, no matter their ability level. Sample Camp activities include archery, swimming, yoga, fishing, karate, climbing wall, crafts, karaoke, casino night, talent show, dance, drama and campfire games. These activities expand social skills, stretch athletic performance and allow the practice of decision-making skills. Daily health education sessions teach campers about their disease and its treatment and increase campers’ abilities for self-care.

Our Camp has many things for your child to do,it includes- Swimming,Any Type of Sport,Movie Nights and Etc.