Meet Miss Mazur

Grade 4, Elderedge Elementary School, East Greenwhich

About Me

Hello! My name is Sara Mazur and I will be your fourth grade teacher for the year! I am very excited to work with you all to make this the best year it can be! I am a recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island where I studied both Elementary Education and Biology. My love for science started when I was in fourth grade, when my class got the opportunity to make habitats for different animals including frogs, centipedes, and hermit crabs. Learning about how animals interact with their environment sparked my interest in science and made me curious about the world around me. I still love to hike and go to the beach so I can be outdoors as much as possible! Fourth grade is also when I learned to love reading, discovering the different places you can visit in a good book! I am honored to have the privilege to work with you this school year and I look forward to helping you all grow as individuals and learners!
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Why Teaching?

I have always felt a connection to students of all ages, and love the experience of learning. As a teacher, I believe that I get an opportunity to not only further the learning of others but also further my own learning through interactions with the students in my classroom. As a teacher, you are a problem solver, constantly thinking of ways to ensure that all students in your class feel comfortable, safe, and valued. I love problem solving and thinking of new ways to instruct and learn. Teaching is a unique profession that allows you to become a part of so many students lives in such a big way, and they become part of yours. I fell in love with teaching at a young age and always knew it was what I needed to do!

Philosophy of Teaching in a Snapshot

In my classroom, I believe that it is important for every student to have the equal opportunity to learn and be successful. It is important as an educator to create an environment in your classroom in which all students can learn. In order to do this, it is important to make learning interesting and meaningful so that students move away from the feeling that they have to learn, toward the feeling that they want to learn. As a teacher, I love to create innovative and meaningful lessons, for this exact reason. There is no better mind than a motivated mind! I design my lessons so that students have a purpose for their learning and are not just going through the motions. I think this builds a foundation for the accountability of learning that I wish all students coming out of my classroom to have. In order to achieve these goals I work hard in planning all of my lessons so that students are clear on expectations and can meet my learning objectives. Because I work hard in constructing interesting, creative, and meaningful lessons, I expect my students to put in the same amount of effort and always try their best!

Classroom Rules and Consequences

My approach to classroom rules is simple, and pays tribute to one of my favorite books The Help by Kathryn Sockett:
I believe in creating a classroom community, so consequences would be put into the context of the classroom. When an individuals behavior went against one of the class rules, I would talk to them about how their behavior affects the class as a whole, and have them reflect on what they would do better next time. I also would establish a system of logical consequences, where for each situation I would work with the student to develop a logical consequence. Therefore, consequences are not set in stone, and instead are based on each situation.