westward movement by Tahyun Min

Purchase of Louisiana Territory

Thomas Jefferson, as president in 1803, purchased the huge Louisiana Territory from

France, which doubled the size of the United States overnight.

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Who were Lewis and Clark and what did they do? Who was Sacajawea and what did she do?

Lewis and Clark expedition to explore the new territories that lay west of the Mississippi

River. Sacajawea, an American Indian woman, served as their guide and translator

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War of 1812

British interference with American shipping and western expansionism fueled the call for a declaration of war. The American victory over the British in the War of 1812 produced an American claim to the Oregon Territory, and increased migration of American settlers into Florida, which was later acquired by treaty from Spain.

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Why did American settlers go westward from the coastal states?

American settlers streamed westward from the coastal states into the Midwest,

Southwest, and Texas, seeking economic opportunity in the form of land to own and farm.

What did the growth of railroads and canals do?

The growth of railroads and canals helped the growth of an industrial economy and

supported the westward movement of settlers.

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