Social Studies UDL Project

Multiple means of engagement, expression, & representation!


In this final project, interns will select a social studies topic for a specific grade level. They will demonstrate their knowledge of how to effectively teach this topic to learners in a variety of ways and with a variety of resources. See rubric for scoring information.


This assignment utilizes the UDL approach: it offers multiple means of action and expression, multiple means of engagement, and multiple means of representation. In this final project, interns will be able to demonstrate their understanding of effective social studies methods, identify resources for teaching and differentiation, and describe their philosophy of social studies instruction.

Due: July 31

Part One

Define Social Studies. Consider your definition on the first day of class. How has your definition changed?

Part Two

Social Studies Philosophy: What does Social Studies look like in your classroom? How will you teach it?

Part Three

Demonstrating your knowledge of the Social Studies Curriculum and Methods for Teaching


What are you teaching? Specify standards from MD Curriculum.

What grade level?

Why is this concept or skill important/relevant? How does it impact our society and world?

What are the BIG ideas and essential questions for teaching this?

What methods will you incorporate as you teach this concept/topic/skill? Consider the course methods, textbook readings, etc. (Include 3-5 sources)

What technologies will you implement as you teach this? (Include 3 sites)

Media to choose from

  • Wix
  • Biteslide
  • Smore
  • Wisemapping
  • Padlet
  • Livebinder
  • ThingLink
  • Other approved format