Mesopotamia as a Civilization

By: Jon Gesmondi


They placed cities where they knew that they had resources.

Organized Government

The government was linked with the religion. Also the gods controlled the government.

Complex Religion

Summerians and akkadians practiced polytheism which is when they worship many gods.

Division of Labor

There where farmers but from surplus people didn't need to work as farmers and herders.

Social Classes

There where different classes that they put people in such as wealthy business, landowners, government workers, artisans and slaves.


They made up writing to keep track of business and they were simple pictures.

Public Works

They used irrigation systems, transportation such as boats. They also use food to stay alive.

Art and Architecture

They used bricks made out of mud and straw to build houses. They made jewelry out of gold and lapis. They also made chairs and vases.