The Excretory System: Bladder

By: Mathew Saper

A Diagram of my System

The excretory system is located in the bottom half of the torso.

Function of Each Organ or Part in the Body

  • Bladder- Where it stores urine, receives liquid waste filtered from the blood by the kidneys, it stretches and expands when full of urine, and urine is made in the kidneys.
  • Kidney- Clean up blood stream and pass all its waste substances to the bladder.
  • Ureter- Tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder.
  • Urethra- The urine flows through the urethra before leaving the body.
  • The tissues in the bladder are transitional epithelium which is strong and stretchy.
  • 4 functions are get ride of wastes, eliminate useless by products from the cells, get rid of chemical buildups, balance chemical concentration in the body.

Diseases Associated with the Body System and Ways to Stay Healthy

  • Kidney Stones- Increase in salt and minerals and that of other substances in urine. Symptoms include vomiting or nausea, painful urination, fever or chills, and bloody or smelly urine. Some treatments include drinking a lot of fluids so that the stone will shrink down and will come out while urinating.
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Urethritis
  • Cystitis
  • Ways to stay healthy- Drink a lot of fluids and keep your salt levels down.
  • A person could not live without any part of my organ system because they need to be able to get rid of wastes and urinate. Some medical advances are chemotherapy and therapy for the system.

Organ System Interaction

A interaction of the excretory system with another system is the circulatory system because the circulatory system passes through one of the kidneys and has waste removed from the blood.