Thoughts for the Road

Thank You:

“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.” -Unknown

In case you have not figured it out yet I tend to say thank you with food! Although I know it means a lot to you all to be feed, I often forget to offer you the encouraging words you need and deserve. I get asked all the time, "How's it going out there at Western?" and typically there's a hesitation in the question, like I am supposed to be exhausted and frustrated with my work. My answer has consistently been the same, it has been a great year so far. The reason I can say that with honesty is because the hard word that is invested by all of you. It has been a great year, but only because of the commitment of you all. I recognize the demands I put on you and I am blessed to have the people that work here. I know you are making a difference, and I do thank you.

Making a world of difference
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