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The History of Oak Creek: The Start of Routt County Coal Mines

Oak Creek would not be the what it is today without the local coal mines. The mines started in the early 1900s, but coal was not found until 1916. This caused the population of the area to drastically increase from 1920s to the 1940s; this is due to the immigration of people from all around the world to this small county of Colorado. The discovery not only brought in more people, but it also led to the railroad through Phippsburg and Oak Creek. South Routt would not be the way it is today without the local coal mines.

By: Sherese Ebaugh

Soroco High School Football

In their second game of the season, the Soroco Rams football team traveled to Sangre de Cristo and defeated the Thunderbirds 60-20. Coach Dick Dudas commented, “Even though we played exceedingly well and even though we were out-weighed in the line, we blocked well and our running backs found the holes. The overall effort was excellent.” Soroco continues the season strong with another win, hoping for more to come.

By: Morgan Geiger

Cross Country Meet

The Soroco High School Cross Country team traveled to Lake County last Saturday. Overall the meet went well! The team recorded placings from Chloe Veilleux 3rd, Betsy Veilleux 14th and, Alex Colby rounded out the team placing 20th. To finish off the weekend, the girls team placed 4th overall.

By Lorren B.

How to Go from Chaos to Calm by: Megan Wykhuis and Jaime Dulberg

When the new school year honeymoon is over and you find yourself getting into power struggles, door slamming, or the infamous teen eye roll, we’ve got some tips and strategies to help de-escalate anger, calm your child, and get back on track with school and in your home.

How do you parent without falling into these pitfalls? Adolescence is the time of challenging authority, seeking independence, and engaging in risk-taking. How parents handle this process is crucial to how your child will grow into this new semi-adult role. It is important to remain calm, not overreact, stick to your values, be consistent, continue to love unconditionally, and have thick skin because adolescents can be rude and hurtful. In William Glasser’s book, Unhappy Teenagers, he lists do’s and don’ts for parents which include the “Seven Deadly Sins” to avoid with their adolescents such as: criticizing, blaming, complaining, nagging, threatening, punishing, and rewarding to control. Glasser suggests using “Seven Connecting Habits” instead, which are: caring, trusting, listening, supporting, negotiating, befriending, and encouraging.

If your child or adolescent is angry and spirals into an argument, it is difficult to disengage and walk away. However, getting the last word in with a teenager is fighting a losing battle. Consider the words of wisdom from Fred Jones, an expert in discipline: “It takes one fool to backtalk, but two fools to make a conversation out of it. Backtalk is a melodrama written and produced by the student. If you take your speaking part, the show goes on. If you keep your mouth shut—the show bombs.”

For the remainder of the article go to the thoughtful parenting article in Sundays Steamboat Pilot.


Julie Hoff

Julie Hoff is not a new face to the district but a returning face to the classroom. Julie taught in middle school years ago and of recent has been our concurrent enrollment advisor for CNCC. This year she has decided to take on a larger role in the school by becoming the new middle school science teacher. On top of this role of being a science teacher she has continued to work as the concurrent enrollment advisor for CNCC until they are able to fill her position. Welcome back Julie!


High School Volleyball @ DeBeque

Friday, Sep. 7th, 5-6pm

De Beque, CO, USA

De Beque, CO

High School Cross Country @ Saint Vrain Valley High School

Saturday, Sep. 8th, 8:15-9:15am

1200 South Sunset Street

Longmont, CO

High School Football @ Justice

Saturday, Sep. 8th, 1-2pm

Christian Recht Field, Boulder, CO, USA

Boulder, CO

High School Volleyball vs. Vail Christian

Saturday, Sep. 8th, 2pm

305 Grant Avenue

Oak Creek, CO

MS Football vs. West Grand

Saturday, Sep. 8th, 9am

305 Grant Avenue

Oak Creek, CO

MS Volleyball @ Steamboat

Saturday, Sep. 8th, 9am

39610 Amethyst Drive

Steamboat Springs, CO