John Burgoyne

Aidan Hufschmid

Important Facts

John Burgoyne was known for a lot of power. He was a Redcoat General who acted like a true war hero. He had enough training to be victorious in battles.

Family Life

He loved his family and did anything for them. He did anything for them. His mom was a daughter of a wealthy merchant. His father was an army officer. He married Lady Charlette Stanley.

Famous For

John Burgoyne led the British army.He fought in the Battle of Saratoga. He Helped the British win some battles. He planned the attack for the Battle ofSaratoga.

Role in The Revolution

He was a General For the British army.He fought the colonies in the war.He fought in the Battle of Saratoga.

Life After The Revolution

He was a play writer before and after the war.He did his best to take care of his family. He did his best in everything.