Erpenbeck Updates

Thanks for a great first week!

Bus Department Updates

The Bus Department wants our parents to know that they are surveyed bus routes, times, and numbers of students on all busses and will be making adjustments as needed. Bus times will be become more accurate as we hope to have our dismissal process continue to become more efficient each day. Pickup times will be also become more consistent over the next few school days as well.

The Bus Department is looking at students numbers on each of the bus routes across the county. For example, they are aware of Bus 279 having more students than expected and are planning to communicate about route adjustments and have a plan in place by next Tuesday which will eliminate the crowding on bus 279.

We are here to partner with you and our bus department when issues arise. We will work together to resolve any issues. Thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Eclipse Day Updates

We have many, many students who will be taking advantage of the EHO opportunity for solar eclipse viewing purposes on Monday! Many families are viewing the eclipse locally while others are viewing the eclipse within the region.

*Please make sure that you turned in the EHO/EEO form if you want your child to not be counted as absent for Monday. We must have that formed filled out - just checking that option on the permission slip without filling out the EHO will result in your child being counted absent on Monday. If you have not turned in the EHO form yet - you can access it in the link below:

A link to our EEO form is provided below:

Please complete the EHO form (if you want your child to stay home on Monday and you have not already turned it in) you need to send it in by 4:00 pm today and you can email it to: or

*We will not be allowing parents to come to Erpenbeck to participate in the eclipse viewing with your child at school. If you want to view with your child use the EEO option.

Students attending school on Monday can wear a baseball hat!

Monday will be baseball hat day at EES. Have your students wear their favorite baseball hat. It will be hat day at EES all day on Monday! This has been recommended as an additional safety precaution for those students who will be walking to the bus if you selected for them to have normal dismissal time.