5 Time Self Published Author & Entrepreneur

Who is B.Abby?

After battling with depression and anxiety upon separating from military service, his therapist instructed him to journal his thoughts. From there, he wrote his first novel in 2016, which was a collaboration with his wife whom had already self published multiple titles. He went on to publish multiple solo titles and another collaboration. To date, he and his family own a publishing company that has produced over 100 published titles and also consults aspiring authors that look to publish their craft. Backed by a family of authors, his wife KS Oliver has 15 self published titles starting with her life story , as well as 5 published children books by his children.

* Occupation

President, Diamante Publications, business development specialist, and insurance agent

* Anything you’ve written

Madam by Night, Secretary by Day, I Thought You Were Gone Series, The Come Up, and my latest release Path To The Throne.

* Education

Masters of Business Administration from Trident University International, Associates in Criminal Justice and Associates in Marketing Management.

* Any quirky hobbies, interesting experiences or unusual aspects of you. Essentially, anything that will make you stand out.

When not writing, I enjoy giving back to community, and being actively involved with my military fraternity.


Now Available!!

Looking to escape the grasp of a murder investigation, Antonio “Butter” Shoulders graduates from college to his new life in Corporate America. Running into a multitude of distractions, including his informant brother, Butter is forced to dodge the investigation one last time with his gun.

While attempting to relocate to the Queen City and start over, he runs into a brick wall, with his new girlfriend’s father, as his only botched hit; a political activist and businessman. Threaten by his new potential father in law, will Butter decide to dust his gun off, proclaiming the throne as his own? Or will the game’s most impelled go-getter fold and pay up the recoup money....

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