FHES closing remarks

This week in review June 2-6

Freeze Pop Frenzy

Teachers as a thank you to our students we will have freeze pops available at recess today. This is for keeping the noise and movement to a minimum throughout the building during testing. Thanks to grades K-2 an 3-5 for the hard work and effort that was evident during testing.

Testing Data


Thank you for your patience as I have taken the weekend to disseminate the testing data. I thought long and hard over what could be the best method is to deliver test results. If you are a 3-5 teacher, I am certain that you have thought of scores once or twice over the weekend and said why didn't she just let me have it?

We are breaking with the tradition of tossing a score in your had and you going office into a corner to sulk or boast over results alone. I will send coverage to your classroom for you to come up for a short visit this morning. Until then...mums the word!

End of Year

Please make sure your are following you end of year checkout list. There are plenty of task to complete.

Look for details to come out by email for finishing your year out.


Make-up EOGs

We will spend the next day or two completing make up EOGs. This will take all support staff so please be prepared.

Thanks in advance.

Star Testing

There are a number of testing modification students that have not been testing. Please be flexible as we try to test these students today and tomorrow.

Denim Days

So lets go out without feeling blue...

Wear your blues instead of feeling blue Tuesday - Friday this week. NOTE: Kindergarten will not wear Jeans on Friday for their graduation/awards day.

FYI: No Jeans passes should be redeemed on MONDAY or during any of the other awards/graduation days.

Friday Parking

ALL STAFF please park in the lower lot on Friday. Make way for the Video Game and Slushie Trucks parked in the upper lots closest to the field. We like to leave plenty of room for the vehicles and the children to play.

Ice Cream Freezer Clean Out


Please encourage your students to purchase Ice Cream EVERYDAY.

This is our effort to end the year with zero inventory. A sellout would be a great way to clean the freezer. We are asking that you find time to fit ice cream in.

More profit...Less waste!


This week

AR 9-weeks party

AR year end celebration

WIX 9-weeks party

WIX year end celebration at the pool

Kindergarten Graduation

Happy Belated Birthday

Zinnie Sanders on May 29th