Lord of the Flies

Final Project by Tina Katonak

Jack and Ralph's governments

Ralph's tribe definitely represents a democracy government as apposed to Jack who would be a monarch. Ralph would be democracy because he was elected leader by most of the kids. Which is how democracy members are elected by representatives. Democracy has control over an organization by it's members of the group. Ralph worked together in more of a group style more so than Jack. In the first few chapters of Lord of the Flies Ralph has the conch and the boys elected him leader. " Seems to me we ought to have a chief to decide things." The boys took a vote and they voted Ralph as chief. Jack and his tribe are like monarch's because a ( monarch is a sovereign, head of state especially a king, queen, or emperor.) Jack likes to think he is like a king with his army and has much more power than he actually has. In chapter 10 Roger goes to Jack's side and Jack had many guards and one said halt and identify himself, as ordered by Jack. This shows Jack acting like he is some kind of king protecting his castle. http://www.google.com/#q=what+is+a+monarch


My government

My government will be a democracy. I chose this because out of the two characters Jack and Ralph I am 100% more like Ralph. I care about other people and do not turn on each other in the time of need like Jack has. Of course their are rules to follow. The rules being, everyone getting along, strong vs. weak, buddy system, the strong has to have a weak buddy. I chose these rules because it's only fair if you have a strong person and a weak person to work together. These rules will be enforced and if any rules are broken they will be by themselves to try and provide and survive on their own. The leader is determined by how smart and how athletic you are. We will decide who passes the test to be leader. As far as rights go everyone has every right. It is the survival of the fittest. The strong one's will come out on top.

In fighting war

Korea war North and South

June 25, 1950 the Korean war began. North Korea had 75,000 soldiers that poured across the 38th parallel. The North had democratic people and the south had pro western republic to the South. It wasn't until July that people have joined South Korea. Fighting had stalled every now and then as casualties mounted. In July 1953 the war had come to an end. Since that war their is still a peninsula dividing it today. This affected the land because it had a dividing mark down the middle. This war affected the population because it tore this country apart. The war was so bad they needed to split it up.

Democrats and Republicans

Political conflict

For many years the democrats and republicans have been fighting over which party is best. Democrats believe that the economy is too complicated for individuals to navigate alone. They strongly believe that the government should have a say so for everything. Republicans do everything they can to not have the government involved. They would also like to eliminate government waste. This is a problem in todays society because there are two different parties that believe in complete opposite views. If we could find a party that would mix in the middle like moderate. If that could be a party that would solve the issue between democrats and republicans.