Improving Practice

Professional Development Videos & Guide


Below are three short videos that provide examples of things to consider in lesson planning and implementation as well as classroom management. Please review the videos by Friday, May 10. Take notes as you view the videos using the study guides below and be prepared to discuss those with me during the week of May 13.


Modeled Reading - Primary

Study Guide--Modeling Reading and Inferences

  • Is there a clear purpose to the lesson? How do you know?
  • What instructional strategies are used to teach the skill and how did they help the students understand the new concept?
  • How are the students engaged in the lesson?
  • What lesson components did you observe in this lesson snippet?
  • How is independent practice tied to this mini-lesson?


Study guide--Active Participation

  • How are the students engaged?
  • How does the student engagement lead to greater understanding of the topic?
  • What evidence is there that the teacher has high expectations for her students?
  • What "part" of a lesson cycle does this video clip represent and how does it relate to other lesson components?


study guide--analyzing text talk time

  • What supports does the teacher have in place to help the discussion run smoothly and what specifically did she do?
  • Note the balance of teacher talk vs. student. What role did the teacher play in this lesson? How do you know?
  • In what ways are the students engaged?
  • How does the teacher frame instruction so that students need to be critical thinkers rather than passive learners?