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August 18, 2020

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High School Counseling Services

Due to a high number of requests to speak with school counselors at the high school level, we will need to adjust our plan for speaking with your school counselor. Currently, high school counselors are reviewing all forecasting and schedule requests for students grades 9-12. They are confirming the requests based on student transcripts, and making initial recommendations for course schedules for this year. Because we are using a quarter system this year, and students will begin the year with three to four of their confirmed courses, students will be able to wait until the first few weeks of school to speak with a school counselor regarding their course selection for the year. Students who have questions about their college trajectory are welcome to email their previous counselor, or wait until later in the term to speak with Online Program counselor Tammie Lewis. We appreciate your patience as we work tirelessly to enroll all of our students in their course of study for the 20-21 school year!


Our staff have been closely reviewing the scope and sequence of the curriculum provided by Fuel Education. Based on this review, we have determined the following:

Primary Level: Fuel Education primary level math courses are appropriately aligned with our district grade level standards. This means that second grade students will be enrolled in Math 2, and so on.

Middle Level: Fuel Education middle school math courses align with our middle courses as shared below. Students will be placed based on the placement recommended last year.

  • Math 6 is the equivalent of Regular Pre-algebra
  • Math 7 is the equivalent of Algebra 7
  • Math 8 is the equivalent of Algebra 8
  • Pre-Algebra is the equivalent of Accelerated Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1 is the equivalent of Algebra 1
  • Geometry is the equivalent of Geometry

High Level: Students will be placed in the course that aligns with their forecasted course.

Learning Coach Corner

Calendar Change

Hopefully you received the notice from our Superintendent Dr. Kathy Ludwig that the first day of school is now Tuesday, September 8. This will provide us the time needed for a successful launch to a unique school year. Be on the lookout for more news about the first week of school soon!