Civil WAR

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee was born in Virginia with his wealthy parents. Robert E.Lee received an education at the Military Academy at West Point . He graduated at the top of his class. during the Mexican American War, Lee served as a Army Officer. He was asked by President Lincoln to be the leader of the Union Army, but refused and thought that he owed the south being born in Virginia.

The Battle of Bull Run

In July, soldiers marched towards the city of Bull Run. The Union soldiers are not well trained, they marched slowly and did not follow orders well. The confederates built up there defenses. First the Union was winning the battle easily , but fell apart quickly. At the end of the day 4,000 soldiers were dead.

The battle of gettysburg

Robert E. Lee marched his troops to Pennsylvania in June 1860. The three day battle followed as a turning point. Thousands of confederates died and was forced to retreat