Online Learning in ACPS

February News Bulletin

Online Learning Updates

1st Semester End Dates (Coming soon to a course near you)!

Dear Online Learning Students,

Please monitor your course end dates carefully, as courses will be closed promptly when the end date arrives. In general, you should aim to complete your course a week before the course is due to end. This gives you a buffer in case you want to redo an assignment or boost your grade after discussing with your online teacher.

Online Learning Tips to help you succeed in your Online Course

  1. Create a schedule/ calendar for your course(s). Make sure that you budget a set time for your online course. Don't wait until April to begin working in your course.

  2. Get organized. Add due dates and your course end date to your calendar. Determine how many assignments you should plan to complete daily in order to finish your course with ample time.

  3. Log into your course at least 4 times per week. Establish a routine and add your course into your homework rotation so that you are working in the course regularly.

  4. Ask for help if you need it. Contact your online teacher, your online mentor, or your school counselor if you find yourself struggling. Don't wait until it is too late!

  5. Get a study-buddy. Find a friend who is also enrolled in an online course and help hold each other accountable.

Understanding Your Grades

To see your grades, click on "Organizer" at the far right of the home screen. Then click "Reports." From there, you can get to your grades, your progress report, and your assignment calendar.

Overall Grade: --Includes only assignments that have been attempted and graded.

Actual Grade: --Includes all assignments in the course. (This grade will start low and get higher as you move through the course).

At the end of the course, both grades will be the same. The ACTUAL Grade is what goes on Interims and Report Cards.

Online Tutoring in ACPS

Do you need HW help after school hours? Check out ACPS' FREE, 24/7 online tutoring service! You already have a log in through your Blackboard account! Click the link for a detailed overview of how to access and what subjects are available.