Is it a bird ?

No its the first Aircraft

The Wright Brothers done it again!

The Wright Brothers were two American brothers, inventors, and aviation pioneers. Their credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane.

Come out and see the first Aircraft

Monday, April 11th, 9am-12pm

Kitty Hawk, NC, United States

Kitty Hawk, NC

Come one ! Come all !

To see the very first Aircraft.

Watch it fly high and low.

In the air without a care.

if you dare.


9:00am Open doors

9:10-9:50 Meet and greet

10:00-11:00 See, Touch, Get on the very first aircraft created

11:00-11:30 Get a ride on the first Aircraft

11:30-12:00 Pictures taken and autograph

12:00pm Doors closed