Jacques Cartier

By: Landon J.

The Passage

In 1521, People thought that China was not far beyond the west coast of north America. King Francis I of France hoped to reach China's riches by sailing across north America. But nobody ever found or looked for a passage like that.

The sailor

In 1534, King Francis I sent an experienced sailor and navigator, Jacques Cartier, to find the northwest passage. Jacques Cartier sailed west to Newfoundland, in present-day Canada. He entered a large gulf through a narrow waterway between two large land areas. Then, he saw a waterway leading west. But his ship was low on food, so he returned to France.

Advancing up the river

The next year, King Francis I Sent Jacques Cartier Back to explore and map the waterway. Cartier reached the passage on the feast day of Saint Lawrence. He named the passage (river) Saint (St.) Lawrence. With guides, He sailed almost 1,000 Miles up river, until his boat couldn't go any farther. He Visited and Indian village, and brought it's chief back to France. The chief told the king of great riches farther west.