Ravens Gate

by Anthony Horowitz



Ravens gate is about a juvenile delinquent named matt who has two choices the go to prison or go into something called the leaf project. The leaf project is something for juvenile delinquents, it's when the kid that has been bad goes to live somewhere remote with someone they don’t know for a certon amount of time. After a while matt starts to notice some strange things happening and he wants to find out why.

I thought this book was awesome it had a lot of action and mystery throughout the whole book it was very enjoyable to read. This books strengths is that it has action all over the book, now some people may not like that but for me that’s a strength. The weakness is that there isn’t a weakness it's too good of a book!!!!!

I recommend this book to people that love mystery and adventure. This book is an all-round favorite book of mine I enjoyed it the whole way through I definitely recommend it.this book is in a series.

And this is what I thought of this book. over all I loved it I will definitely read the rest of the series .and I hope you read it two.



Moments of impact

My favorite parts of this book is when matt snuck out to find out what mrs.deverill and her sister where doing leaving at ten o’clock at night so he finds them outside of the nuclear reactor sight and for some reason the whole village is there. Why is that matt’s knows he shouldn’t go closer but he had to hear what they were saying he sees a hole in the fence and goes through he notices that some of the guys have guns, why would they have guns matt know now he must be much more careful and try not to get spotted. Matt saw a wire he was to late before he realized what was happening he had tripped some sort of wire matt didn’t care if he was spotted now he just wants to leave, before he gets up he sees mrs.deverill sprinkle what looked like dust into the fire and before he knew it he sees two big fire dogs come out of the fire. Matt runs for the hole in the fence he jumps through cutting his shoulder going through, luckily enough the hole isn’t big enough for the dogs but he knows they will rip the fence to shreds in a few minutes. They have his sent so matt looks for a stream but there’s nothing but forest, then he sees it a high way, he runs across and feels water beneath him it’s a pond he jumps in so the dogs will lose his sent and then he realizes that this isn’t a pond it’s a bog.


Have you ever had a book when it makes you never want to stop reading it? Well this is one of those books. The protagonist is matt free man he is an ok kid he is an only child and an orphan. The antagonist is mrs.deverill and the village mrs. Deverill is a mean spiteful lady and the village is on her side.

This book takes place in lesser malling an isolated place in England near York. The climax in this book is when matt is at the museum when and professor Dravid explained what mrs.dreverill and the village are doing. A lot of the conflict is person vs. person but there are a few of person vs. nature conflicts in there too. There is a lot of suspense in this movie witch I love because I love suspense. The mood you get when reading this is a sort of oh my gosh what’s going to happen next. There is some flashbacks to when matt was a kid and before his parents died. This book had a lot of imagery I could imagine everything, the author put in a lot of detail in what has written. This book kept me up thinking about what will happen next it’s amazing how good it was that is on my best book list. This book was fantastically written by the author Anthony Horowitz, even the name interests me ravens gate.

And this is why my book is great.

Thank you

By Ethan Hatley-Webster