Harriet Tubman: A Slave Who Escaped

By: Ava Tino

Harriet Tubman was a hero

Harriet Tubman was born a slave. She worked all day and all night. One day she escaped and came back to free other slaves. She freed over three hundred slaves. As the days went on she finally got enough courage to stand up to slavery, and fight for freedom. Harriet Tubman was a hero.

Hard work for Harriet

In the time period there was slavery,and of course that was a struggle because Harriet was a slave. It was a struggle because the slaves who tried to runaway but were caught, either got killed, whipped badly, or have double the work. She tried to help her brothers run away but they made way too much noise so Harriet had to leave them behind. She did not hesitate to go on without her brothers. There were more struggles waiting for her on her way to freedom, one was that everyone was looking for Harriet. Those are the struggles she had in the time period.

Harriet's Road to Freedom

Harriet made lots of plans to escape slavery but one day she came up with the perfect one. She went out at night while nobody was looking and went to the underground railroad. When slaves go there are people who don't believe in slavery are there. The people give the slaves directions for where to go, other people who stand up to slavery open up their homes to slaves and they spend the night. In a few days of traveling and spending nights at nice peoples houses, she finally got to Maryland. She was free! She came back to the South and freed over 300 slaves. She finally had freedom!

Harriets Mother

When Harriet was born a slave her mother taught her a little about working. Harriet loved her more than she ever could. She loved Harriet the same back. Harriet called her Old Rit because that is what everyone else called her. She always warned Harriet about their owner trying to sell them to different families. Harriet never wanted that to happen. One day a slave owner who wanted another slave came and took Harriets mother away, and it broke her heart.

Freedom at Last

I learned from Harriet Tubman that in life, it is important to always follow you dreams and do what you belive. I say that because Harriet always wanted to be free so she helped other slaves escape slavery. Once she got enough courage she made up a plan to escape herself. when she was free she and the North stood up to slavery and then it became the Civil War and Harriet was a Union spy and a nurse. So the life lesson I learned was to follow your dreams.