3rd Estate Fights Back

July 3rd, 1790

The New National Assembly of France [Written by: Everett Michel]

Many people know that life is hard and food is scarce in France at the moment. Our king, Louis XVI, called a meeting of the Estates-General in January. This meeting was held starting in may. Our countries financial issues were the focusing point of this gathering.

If you don't know already, there are three estates in this assembly. The first is made up of the clergy of the catholic church in France. The second estate is made up of the nobility of our country. The third estate represents everyone else; the commoners.

However, instead of discussing the financial issues of our nation, each estate began discussing the organization of the legislature. The first and second estates wanted to vote (1 vote for each estate) on the matter. The third estate proceeded to break apart and decide the matter for themselves. The king observed them as they met. He called in his advisers and resolved to remove the third estate out of the Estates-General the next day.

The next day, they found that the doors to the assembly room were locked. They met on the king's tennis court, and claimed to be the new National Assembly. They are the voice of the people! Long live the National Assembly and long live France!

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The Bastille has Fallen

On July 14th, loud gunshots echoed around Paris. The king had ordered his troops to stop the new revolution from threatening his regime. In effect, the frightened people of Paris stormed the Bastille for guns and ammunition to defend themselves. Watching from a distant rooftop, I observed small plumes of smoke pop up around areas the rebels had forced their way into.

The guards quickly proved to be no match for the numerous rebels. Soon, the victorious men and women captured the governor of the Bastille. Some people led him to his death, while others found keys off of dead guards. these were to free the prisoners of the Bastille. Some of these prisoners had been there for over 15 years!

With a large supply of guns and ammunition, the people were able to fend off the king's attack and keep the revolution alive. With happy cheers, the rebels marched down the streets of Paris and announced their victory to the rest of Paris. The revolution's flag was born!

Now, an army of people is slowly taking apart the Bastille. I have even pulled a few bricks off. No one wants bad memories to linger in our moment of glory.

Letter to the Editor: The Reign of Terror

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you now in the dark confines of my small wine cellar with my daughter. We are here because a warrant for our arrest was passed yesterday. What is happening to our nation? I have seen thousands of people die by the guillotine outside my wine shop, but now I might be condemned to that fate as well. Why has this happened? Who has brought this reign of terror upon France?

Also: If Monsieur Burgundy sees this, get word to my family of my troubles.

~ Worrisome mother