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Presidential Tower

A superb home with stunning facilities at the Presidential Tower

A couple of weekends ago, I routinely settled down to talk to my little one about the week that had just passed. A major portion of what she said centred upon her visit to one of our relative’s places in Bangalore. She soon told me all about the wonderful ‘games’ there and about the ‘biiig’ swimming pool at their place, and wished that our home had much of the same. She looked so despondent when she spoke, that it nearly broke my heart. Right then and there I decided to address this by purchasing a home which provided us with a whole lot of facilities.

Some long drawn discussions with my wife about finances and such later, we decided that we were in a position to settle for nothing but the very best. This left us with just one option, and that was to choose one of the many amazing apartments for sale in Bangalore at the Presidential Tower.

We were previously familiar with the property, and knew that this was one of the very few properties in Bangalore that bestowed residents with a simply stunning range of amenities. My wife was particularly enamoured by the health centre which had a meditation zone and yoga facilities, as well as a massage room and steam and sauna facilities. I, on the other hand, must admit that I had my eye on the superb open air infinity pool at the development as well as the Jacuzzi at the edge.

My daughter was delighted to learn that she would soon have the swimming pool she had always wanted, not to mention a full range of indoor games, a kids play area, as well as hopscotch, tennis and squash courts! The little one’s face also lit up at the prospect of having aromatic plants, lush greenery, pebbled walkways, and the pleasing sounds of fountains just beyond her threshold. Other fascinating facilities at these flats for sale in Bangalore included a circular dance floor, a 360 degree bar counter with multi-level seating, deck seating, as well as sky buffet facilities that are perfect for late night parties and weekend brunches.

We were truly blown away by the club-like amenities that these apartments in Bangalore provided, and joyously went forth and booked a spacious and luxurious 4 BHK apartment at the Presidential Tower. Now you could do the same, visit http://www.thepresidentialtower.com to find out more about this stellar property in Yeshwanthpur.