Robots in the Real World

By: Abigail Aicardi

A robot is a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically, especially ones programmed from a computer.

The term 'Robot' comes from an Old Church Slavonic word, rabota, which means servitude of forced labor, in this case you could say that a robot is a slave to the programme /programmer,having to follow all its directions.

We have robots because they can preform task impossible or very dangerous for humans to do. Also robots are nothing like humans, so they don't need to eat, sleep or have breaks because they never get tired, unless their battery runs out.

The robot I have picked is Americas first adaptive manufacturing robot, Baxter, and he is not the only robot of his kind as there are many more Baxter's around.

Some advantages of Baxter are

  • You don't have to pay them.
  • They can get hurt if they are working with a dangerous machine.
  • They could do many things at once.
  • It doesn't slow down its working rate because it doesn't get tired.

Some disadvantages are

  • Even though you don't have to pay them, to produce multiple is very expensive.
  • Unlike humans, robots do not guarantee results, because if they make one product wrong, they may think its right then making all the following products wrong causing chaos.
  • All of these robots still have to be programmed and built which may take time
  • Employees will be replaced with these robots causing them to not have a job and not making any money.
How Baxter Robot Works
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