The diary of Anne frank

Mr.Van Daan

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The Father of the family who hid in the annex with the franks and worked with Otto frank as an herbal specilist in amsterdam Once the group was discovered, like the rest, Mr. Van Daan was taken first to Gestapo headquarters in Amsterdam for questioning, and then he was sent to the Westerbork reception camp. He, too, made the long journey by train to Auschwitz, and once there, he was separated from his wife, whom he never saw again.


In the diary of Anne frank the theme prejudice is a bad thing. 2 examples of this theme is mr Van Daan thinks Anne is annoying because she yells and talks a lot mr Van Daan asks "why can't you be nice and quiet like your sister Margot". Peter thinks she's ann and calls her "mrs quack quack". These examples of Anne being annoying.
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The character Mr.Van Daan can be represented w/ cigs because he was always excited when cigs were brought and he would need them to calm himself when he was nervous or stressed


The theme hope is believing in something two examples are when the allies invade Normandy on June 6th 1944. Miep says "mr frank the most wonderful news the invasion has started!" Another example is Anne's hope for humanity "I spite of everything I still believe that people are good at heart"